My Favorite Chocolates
devoted to the best chocolate bars, truffles, and drinks that I've come across.
I live in Seattle, but I eat chocolates from around the world. My favorite is not available for purchase in the US, and I have to travel to Canada to buy that one. Favorites 2006

To console myself, I'm often eating other bars, from Dagoba (the Xocolatl), or Lake Champlain (mint). All dark, of course, and when I can get them, various Pralus bars.

I love Fran's Chocolates as well, and the heavenly figs, ganache-filled, dipped in chocolate, are just about my absolute favorites.

My favorite choclate bars for just plain eating

My favorite truffles (in Seattle, WA) come from Fran's. Period. No one else comes close.

Best drinking cocoa is Lake Champlain Organic. They make an Aztec (suffused with chiles) that I enjoy in the winter, but year 'round, the plain Organic makes my morning.

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